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Nonfiction The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
In his own words, Franklin's life as a printer, inventor, scientist, and politician, with an introduction, a timeline and related links.
Nonfiction The Autobiography of Charles Darwin
From The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin, edited by his son, Francis Darwin.
Nonfiction How To Publish Your Book
Advice for writers interested in publishing their work.
Nonfiction Love and Power: The Psychology of Interpersonal Creativity
Paul Rosenfels
With the coming of sexuality in the evolutionary development of living organisms, the submissive and dominant tendencies become specialized.
Nonfiction Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave
Frederick Douglass
Douglass was such an impressive orator that numerous persons doubted if he had ever been a slave, so he wrote Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. During the Civil War he assisted in recruiting African Americans for the 54th and 55th Massachusetts Regiments and consistently argued for the emancipation of slaves.
Nonfiction Paul Smith: Jean-Louis Schefer
A translation and collection of Jean Louis Schefer's research from the late 1960s and early 1970s into efforts aimed at redefining the nature of traditional intellectual disciplines by way of a change in methodologies and epistemologies.
Nonfiction Pen, Pencil and Poison
Oscar Wilde
Nonfiction Psychoanalysis and Civilization
Paul Rosenfels
A discussion of sexuality from the perspective of the American social sciences.
Nonfiction Survival is Not Enough
For the members of my family; for all the families whose young men did not have the privilege of coming home from Israel's wars; for all the parents, who hold the greatest treasure of all -- their sons; and of course, for the sons themselves; and for all those people for whom human life is the ultimate value...
Nonfiction Books and Characters, French and English
Lytton Strachey
Nonfiction twain
Nonfiction Walden
Henry David Thoreau
Takes man's relation to nature and man's dilemma in society and man's capacity for elevating his spirit and beats all these matters together.
Nonfiction What is Property?
P.J. Proudhon
A discussion of private property which concludes that 'property is theft.'
Nonfiction American Notes
Rudyard Kipling
Nonfiction War of the Classes
Jack London
It is quite fair to say that I became a Socialist in a fashion somewhat similar to the way in which the Teutonic pagans became Christians--it was hammered into me.
Nonfiction The Interpretation of Dreams
Sigmund Freud
The Interpretation of Dreams is at once an exposition of a model of the mind, an investigation of imaginative processes, and a personal confession.
Nonfiction Writings in Memory of Yaron
Letters, diaries, poems, stories by Yaron Zamir, son of Ramah & Yehoshua, member of Kibbutz Ein Dor, soldier in the 1982 Lebanese War. Words about Yaron by family and friends.
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