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Paul Smith: Jean-Louis Schefer

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A translation and collection of Jean Louis Schefer's research from the late 1960s and early 1970s into efforts aimed at redefining the nature of traditional intellectual disciplines by way of a change in methodologies and epistemologies.
Paul Smith: Jean-Louis Schefer 1. Split Color/Blur
Paul Smith
This chapter introduces Schefer's work, because the essay can be considered as a kind of foundation stone for much of the rest of the work.
Paul Smith: Jean-Louis Schefer 2. Object of Figuration
Paul Smith
The following very general article on figuration, although not published until 1979, both arises from and leads to Schefer's book on Paolo Uccello's Universal Deluge (1976).
Paul Smith: Jean-Louis Schefer 3. Thanatography/Skiagraphy
Paul Smith
"Thanatography/Skiagraphy" constitutes an adumbration of how the figure of death "splits" representation, or of how death can be figured only at the interstices of the body and in the body's articulations with other objects.
Paul Smith: Jean-Louis Schefer 4. The Plague
Paul Smith
The following translation is taken from Le Déluge, la peste, Paolo Uccello (1976), a book dedicated to one of Uccello's frescoes known as The Universal Deluge and in which Schefer elaborates more fully on Uccello's resistance to the ideologies of his time.
Paul Smith: Jean-Louis Schefer 5. Someone Writing
Paul Smith
The essay translated here, "Someone Writing," expresses Schefer's peculiar concern for the difficult place and indeed the difficult experience of the practice writing.
Paul Smith: Jean-Louis Schefer 6. Roland Barthes
Paul Smith
The recent pages about a photograph of his mother, about his "little girl," perhaps constituted for the first time the words of a man no longer driven by anything except the mystery of profundity and the origin of an enigma.
Paul Smith: Jean-Louis Schefer 7. Light and its Prey
"Light and Its Prey" is a complete translation of a 1980 book which was originally conceived and commissioned in 1979 as the commentary for a film by Thierry Kunzel's workshop.
Paul Smith: Jean-Louis Schefer 8. Cinema
Paul Smith
This chapter on cinema is a mixture of translations from two different but roughly contemporaneous sources: the book L'Homme ordinaire du cinéma (1980c), and a special issue of the journal Ça Cinéma, "L'Image, la mort, la mémoire" (1980d).

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